Action Somalia is a non-governmental and non-profit youth led organization established in 2011, legally recognized and registered by national authorities, headquartered in Somalia.


Action Somalia aims to respond to the needs of women and children in particular and the community in general by supporting them to overcome poverty, marginalization, marginalization, and violence in their communities.


Action Somalia envisions working in close collaboration with all stakeholders to address humanitarian needs, improve livelihood, protection and support overall peaceful, health and sustainable development.


To improve living conditions of Somali women, children and the general community by strengthening their livelihood and ensuring their protection to contribute to overall improvement in their living standards and quality of life.


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Reduce Poverty and Empower Youth, Women and disabled persons

Bring together the different stakeholders [government, private Sector, civil society organizations (CSOs) and community for a cohesive plan regarding the vulnerable groups' (women, youth, disabled persons) involvement and empowerment in development initiatives including water, sanitation, hygiene, forestation, family and community health, education, and employable skills training as well as livelihood support activities

Protect the Environment

Raise awareness among the different members of the community on the benefits of the Environment and why it needs to be protection


Action Somalia takes all those initiatives which contribute directly or indirectly to its mission, objectives and program area. Following are some of the thematic areas where Action Somalia intervenes either in collaboration with donor organization or with its own resource


Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) is a key part of our intervention because Major environmental challenges facing society include climate change, hazardous substances, and loss of biodiversity. Action Somalia facilitates the development of projects, knowledge and technology for restructuring towards sustainability, climate change adaptation, environment-friendly energy and long-term preservation of well-functioning ecosystems.


Today Somalia is facing a number of problems like poverty, anxiety, terrorism, sectarianism etc. and the reasons of all these problems are always linked to education. Action Somalia places significant emphasis on peace education so that the values of peace, harmony and tolerance could be inculcated in the children and the adults.


Somalia’s poor health status and inadequacies in the health system are clearly evident in not only in urban areas but in rural areas. Accessibility, affordability and availability are all challenges the health sector faces. For people to feel protected and empowered, access to basic health care and health services is one of the Strategies.


Discrimination against clan, colour, political views, gender and religion has threatened peace and security of ordinary people in Somalia. Such situation demands concrete steps to take action for peace building and conflict resolution in Somalia.


Livelihoods development is key in poverty alleviation. With over 75% of the country’s population living below the poverty line, the identification and development of various livelihood portfolios of individuals will enhance their potential to be independent and secure sustainable income sources.


Violent conflicts, political turmoil, and natural disasters create humanitarian crises, which threaten millions of lives each year. Action Somalia focuses on human rights and at the same time work with our humanitarian partner organizations to save lives, reduce suffering and offer support when crises hit.


Many of Action Somalia’s interventions and much of its thought leadership cuts across cut across the following domains

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Gender equality means that women and men should have the same rights and opportunities to shape and influence their own lives and the communities in which they live. In order to achieve this, we need to change patriarchal structures and unjust power relationships based on gender by focusing on women’s political participation, economic empowerment, the right to live a life free from violence, etc.


Due to no or limited access to education, employment and personal development opportunities, most youth in Pakistan feel being a burden rather than part of a solution of national challenges.Action Somalia has been working with youth to enhance their capabilities and leadership capacities to introduce them as advocates of peace and productive members of society.


It is important to ensure that people with disabilities are protected during humanitarian emergencies and provided with access to projects, both for ethical reasons and because it is enshrined in international law. Action Somalia adopts a ‘twin-track’ approach, meaning that plans are put in place both to ensure that people with disabilities are included in all efforts, as well as to address the particular needs of people with disabilities.


Somalia has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the world. According to the latest Somali Health and Demographic Survey, 99 per cent of women between the ages of 15 and 49 have been subjected to this extremely harmful and unacceptable practice. Action Somalia is working with the local communities, local authorities, traditional leaders, religious leaders and donors to end the FGM practices.


Action Somalia is working to reduce poverty and aid economic growth. This is because "Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of human rights. Everyone everywhere has the right to live in dignity, free from fear and oppression, free from hunger and thurst, and free to express themselves and associate at will" - Nelson Mandela


Partnerships are cardinal for the successful implementation of social development projects in underdeveloped countries like Somalia. Action Somalia believes in sharing knowledge and takes initiatives to enhance the institutional capacity by introducing effective mechanisms for small CBOs, thus playing its part in creating self-sustaining organizations.


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Some of Our Partners

Somalia | Mogadishu

— World Vision International

Somalia | Puntland State of Somalia

— African Relief Committee

Somalia | Puntland State of Somalia

— Arab Human Rights Fund

Somalia | Mogadishu

— African Network for the prevention and protection Against child Abuse and Neglect

Somalia | Puntland State of Somalia

— Tadamun Social Society (TASS)

Message from the Executive Director

As the Executive director of Action Somalia, I would like to underline that our commitment and determination will remain unswerving in serving the vulnerable communities in Somalia. As we pursue our vision, services will be developed, programs will be added and partnerships will be nurtured, with the intent to strive towards improved standards of living and equitable development by transforming the lives of the most vulnerable communities in Somalia using sustainable approaches in humanitarian and development interventions

“While the world has felt quite turbulent recently, we have an opportunity to turn the tide of history — and take the best from this time. In the shadow of these tough months, we’re more motivated than ever to make meaningful environmental, social and economic progress — and we’re eager for others to join us. Our future depends on it..”

Suad Nur Abdullahi

Executive Director of Action Somalia


We are youth-led, an African based humanitarian organization formed by renowned youth committed to the humanitarian principles of Humanity, Independent, Neutrality and Impartiality. The following are the core values that will guide the operations of Action Somalia:
Social Justice and Equity

We will work  to promote equality, dignity and more just society, especially with regard to the poor and marginalised.

Gender and diversity

We recognise the need for our work to reflect and promote respect for gender and diversity issues


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethical behaviour and responsibility for our actions, while maintaining integrity in our performance and advocating for same in public institutions.


Neutrality is one of the NGO’s major principles. The organization believes to being neutral from any group can make its operation sustainable.


Action Somalia adheres to respect of the values, norms and cultures of all its stakeholders whose participation in its decision making processes is vitally important.


The NGO behaves in compliance with its mission, being honest and transparent in its activities


Action Somalia voluntarily participates in its activities without expecting any individual gains.


The NGO collectively serves its target communities by being effective and efficient in its activities.

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How to Find Us

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Action Somalia is a non-governmental and non-profit youth-led organization established in 2015, legally recognized and registered by national authorities, headquartered in Mogadishu,  Somalia. We aim to reduce poverty and protect the environment.